Boiling Point of Water


To find the boiling point of water and to study the effect on it of adding sugar.

Materials Required

  1. Round-bottomed flask
  2. Thermometer
  3. Sugar
  4. Bunsen burner


boiling point of water

Boiling Point of Water Science Fair Project

Take about 50cc. of water in the round-bottomed flask and add a few fragments of broken porcelain. Heat the flask and note the temperature when boiling begins. Take readings every thirty seconds for five minutes, i.e. ten readings in all, and take the average as the boiling point. Now add about 15 gm. of sugar to the water and repeat the experiment, taking the average often readings as before as the boiling point.


The solution boils at a higher temperature than water. You can repeat the experiment with several substances.


The addition of a solute to water raises the boiling point of the water. By changing the solvent, the same conclusion may be extended to all solvents as well. It may be useful to mention that the addition of a solute to a solvent also has an effect upon the freezing point of the solvent, it lowers the freezing point. For instance, water freezes at 0?C, but if sugar is dissolved in it, it will freeze at a lower temperature. Thus in "freezing mixtures" salts are generally added to ice to give a temperature below the freezing point of water.