Cloning and Genetic Engineering


The purpose of this project is to do a survey research project on what students know and feel about cloning and generic engineering. Our hypothesis states that the majority of students will that think cloning humans is a good idea. First, we chose our topic. Next, we wrote our statement of purpose. Then we composed our review of literature about cloning, genetic engineering, genes, DNA, chromosomes, and related ethical issues. Next, we developed our hypothesis and wrote our methodology. After that we developed our questionnaire. We then sent out our questionnaire about cloning over the Internet and to 26 randomly chosen students at Mandeville Middle School in Mandeville, Louisiana. After the questionnaire were returned and scored, we recorded our findings on our data collection sheet. Then we wrote our analysis of data using statistics, charts, and graphs. Next, we wrote our summary and conclusion. Finally, we applied our findings to the world outside our classroom.


Cloning and Genetic Engineering Science Fair Project