Crystals of Sulphur


To prepare crystals of sulphur by cooling hot molten liquid sulphur.

Materials Required

  1. Roll sulphur
  2. Porcelain crucible
  3. Bunsen burner
  4. Asbestos board
  5. Hand lens


crystals of sulphur

Crystals of Sulphur Science Fair Project

Powder some roll sulphur and heat gently in a crucible until it just melts. Do not to heat to boiling. Remove the crucible and place it on an asbestos board to cool slowly. When a hard yellow crust is formed on the surface, pierce two holes through the crust and pour out the liquid sulphur underneath. Remove the crust and examine the sides of the crucible.


The molten sulphur on cooling will be found to have formed long needle-like crystals stuck to the sides of the crucible. Examine a few crystals under your hand lens.


Sulphur is formed in different crystalline forms. This is one of them and it is called prismatic or monoclinic sulphur from its needle-like shape. Another form is called rhombic sulphur from its diamond shape. It is prepared by crystallising it from its solution in carbon disulphide.