Distillation of Water


To obtain chemically pure water from impure water or from a coloured solution of potassium permanganate by distillation.

Materials Required

  1. Distilling flask
  2. Liebig's condenser
  3. Beaker
  4. Bunsen burner
  5. Tripod stand
  6. Retort stand and clamp
  7. Muddy water
  8. Rubber tubing
  9. Potassium permanganate solution
  10. Sand filled basin


distillation of water

Distillation of Water Science Fair Project

Connect the apparatus as shown. Heat the solution through sand in a basin to avoid vigorous boiling. Collect the condensed liquid in the receiver.


Note that the final product solution is clear.


By simple distillation, pure clear water can be obtained from a solution of a salt in it. Distillation is therefore the most complete method of purification of water. Distilled water is used to preparesolutions in school laboratories and dispensaries, it is used by doctors in hospitals, and in industries where the presence of dissolved salts may cause problems.