Fans and Body temperature


The purpose of this project is to determine if fans really cool the body and its temperature, I believe that the fan will evaporate the water it is blowing on, which is acting like perspiration on skin. The humid layer should be replaced by a dryer, cooler layer. The water in the pan which the air current is blowing on should evaporate quicker than the second pan, and it should be cooler than the second pan. The first pan was securely placed exactly sixteen inches from the fan, while the second pan was placed out of reach of the current, Thirty milliliters of warm water was placed in both pans. The fan was then turned on medium speed. The pan with the current blowing on it was checked at fifteen-minute intervals, decreasing time intervals when the water was getting low. These times were recorded in a log book. The second pan was checked the next day. The humidity, temperature inside, temperature outside, and the temperatures of the water before, hourly, and near the end were recorded.


Fans and Body temperature Science Fair Project