Hand Gestures and Personality Type


The purpose of this project is to investigate the relation between social influences, personality, and language. Though speech will also be monitored, the focus of the experiment will be on gestures, physical language, and how they differ from speaker to speaker. A questionnare, was formulated to first, determine the subject's general personality traits (intravert/extravert), and secondly to evoke explanations where gestures would likely compliment spoken answers. The questionnare is divided into two different parts according to their purpose. The overall response time for the second section will be recorded and common gestures will be recorded as they occur during the interview. By observing the degree of correlation between personality, length of answers (measured by a timer), and number of various hand gestures used, the results may show if there is any relation between these areas in the given subjects. The experiment will show that those who are given to long explanations will use a larger variety of hand gestures, and also that degree of comfort in a situation has an effect on physical expression of feelings and past events.


Hand Gestures and Personality Type Science Fair Project