Simple Movie Displayer


To make a simple Movie Pictures displayer.

Materials Required

  1. Sheet of paper
  2. Pencil


simple movie displayer

Simple Movie Displayer Science Fair Project

Movies, TV and other motion pictures are an optical illusion produced by a series of still images projected sequentially and rapidly across the screen. The principle can be easily demonstrated with this simple Movie Pictures displayer. Fold in half a letter sized rectangular piece of paper. On the upper-half draw a cartoon face as shown and on the lower-half draw a slightly changed face.
Roll the upper-half into a tube. Hold your left finger on the upper left corner on a table, and use your right hand to rapidly roll & unroll the sheet using the pencil above the upper sheet, as shown. Move the pencil rapidly up and down, causing the upper sheet to unroll and roll up continuously. A Movie Pictures effect will be seen.